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Hannah Cloyd, 8th Grade, DeColores Montessori School, and Tim Gade, Director, Gade Health Care Center
Grandma’s Story by Hannah Cloyd

Winner, Gade Health Care Writing Contest, How a Senior Citizen Impacted my Life

Grandma’s Story
By Hannah Cloyd, 8th Grade
DeColores Montessori School

“Hurray Mawma, hurry! I’m all ready for bed. I’m in bed. I’m ready to go to sleep,” I called from the extra bedroom in my grandmother’s house. This typically isn’t the cheering you hear from a four year old girl, but this was no ordinary night. Tonight I would get to hear my grandma’s story, but not just any story tonight! Tonight my grandmother would tell me my favorite story, The Tar Baby.

“Are you ready in bed?”

My head shook vigorously. My grandma casually cascaded into the pink room as always, toes crushing the cherry, plush carpet. The bed engulfed me in its multiple pillows and fluffy, thick, white sheets. My head popped up from the mass of material, much as a prairie dog peeks out of his hole.

“Lay down and relax,” she began to tell the story. “One day a little rabbit was minding its own business and this mean coyote tried to trick this little rabbit.”

“Would you like to come to lunch with me?” said the coyote to the rabbit?

“No wabbit! No don’t wabbit!” I called my eyes almost on the brink of tears and my heart racing as fast as a race car in the indy 500.

“No thank you!” said the rabbit, quite nonchalantly.

“I will get you!” The coyote was quite angry his lunch would have to wait.

He jumped up and began chasing after the rabbit. The rabbit dashed, and took off into the corn field. He ran and ran, and the coyote ran and ran after him. The rabbit was so tired he was very close to being lunch yet again.

“No grandma, the coyote is scary, and the wrabbit is so cute and purty!!!! I’m scared, don’t let him be lunch.” I screamed and covered my eyes from the messy thoughts.

The rabbit saw a construction man and he was pouring black top. “I’ve got an idea.”

He grabbed a huge clump of corn from the field he was in and dipped it in the black as night tar, and headed back to the last road he had passed. He conveniently placed the tar baby at the side of the road, and hid behind the closest tree.

It was beginning to grow dark and the coyote was till hot on the rabbit’s trail. The coyote grabbed and bit at the tar baby.

“Ewwwwwww, tar! Mawma that is so gross. Have you ever eaten tar?” She stared at me with a half hearted smile and a small giggle.

“He was stuck and unable to get out of his sticky situation. What is the moral of the story? The smart, and fast thinker will always win.”

“I love you so much grandma! Goodnight!”

“Goodnight sleepy head, close your eyes so the sandman will visit you.”

“I LUV this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

My eyes drifted closed and as I was eager for the sandman to visit me I fell asleep very soon, satisfied and pleased to be with my loving grandmother.

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