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Christopher Force, Tim Gade, GHCC Director
Grandpa on a Boat!!!, by Christopher Force

Runner-Up, Gade Health Care Writing Contest, How a Senior Citizen Impacted my Life

Christopher Force, 7th Grade
DeColores Montessori School
Splash! As my grandpa let down his blue striped boat into the crystal clear lake, I could fee a soft breeze blow across the water. It was going to be a great sailing day. We were in the boat waiting to start out my grandpa turned the key but the motor replied with no response. My grandpa had forgotten one thing – to get gas for the boat. So, we headed to the gas station. On our way there a crazy thing happened. The van’s tire popped in a matter of seconds. We did the only thing we could do. We changed the tire. After we changed the tire and got gas we were headed back to the lake. The rest of the day would be smooth sailing. Right?
On our journey back to the lake the van ran out of gas. Go figure! So we walked for what seemed like miles until we reached the gas station. My grandpa carried the gas can. It wa pretty ironic. My grandpa isn’t very good with paying attention to gas gauges. IS he?
As we approached the lake, the bad luck was over or so we thought. I was ready for the water at last. My grandpa started up the boat and off we went. It was a windy day with a lot of wave action. We were Cruzan along when my grandpa lost his hat to the wind. My grandpa told me to swim after his hat.
I said, “are you crazy?”
He just laughed at me and said, “I’m just kidding with you.”
When we were done sailing we went to shore to eat. At lunch we had a “cook out.” The only problem was he didn’t have any propane for the grilled. We then decided on cold meat sandwiches instead. We sat there for a while and just talked. What could go wrong was behind us and day was turning out good.
We decided to go back out to the water. We had smooth sailing until we got to our favorite spot. Bam! A storm started. It was raining cats and dogs in just seconds. Once again we headed back for shore. We loaded up all the gear and the boat and prepared to go home.
We talked on the way back to my house.
I said, “this was a bad day.”
My grandpa looked at me and said, “No! This is a good day because I spent time with you and we had fun.”
I am thankful for the time my grandpa gave me and the lessons he taught me. Even though he has passed away will always love him!!!

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