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Olivia Wysong, 8th Grade, DeColores Montesori, and Tim Gade, Director of Gade Health Care Center
Memory Filled Shore, By Olivia Wysong

Runner-Up, Gade Health Care Writing Contest, How a Senior Citizen Impacted my Life

Memory Filled Shore
By Olivia Wysong, 8th Grade
DeColores Montessori School

Tiring and out of breath I climbed to the top of the towering sand dune. I holler back down to Grandpa who was only about half way up. I leaped down to him and my feet sunk just enough to allow the fine sand to creep around my toes. I grabbed his rough hand and used all my weight to help him up. He pretended that I was strong enough to pull him, and allowed himself to be drug to the top of the hill.

When we reached the climax of the dune we weaved down to Rose, grandpa’s wife, who had decided to stay behind. We turned and faced Lake Michigan.

Kurstin, Ryan, and Erica were farther ahead with Dad. Ryan was taking pictures of the lake, plants, and animals off to the right side of the shore, and Kurstin and Erica were testing the water with their bare feet.

I scooped the damp sand in my hands and formed a pile. Dad told me the sand wouldn’t pack like at the beach. But I was persistent, and eventually got the rocky sand to stay clumped together.

I grabbed a white feather from beside the water and stuck it in the top of my lopsided castle. Ryan walked back towards us and I skipped towards him. I excitedly yelled for him to come see my creation.

He looked at it in dissatisfaction and I frowned. He smiled and said. “No, I was joking. I like it. In fact, let me get your picture with it.” I faked a smile wondering if he really did like my sand castle.

Grandpa, noticing my uncertainty, told me if he were small enough he would be thrilled to live in such a marvelous kingdom. Regaining my confidence I stood right below Grandpa with a big cheesy smile directed right at him.

He looked back down at me and said, “we had better get back to Rose. It is getting late.” As we walked back to the hill we had come from, the sun began to disappear as if being tucked into bed by a quilt of clouds. I could feel the cool breeze swarm around us and hiss goodbye.

I attempted to whistle back but decided to stick with a simple wave goodbye to the memory filled shore.

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