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World Changers

By Christy L. Riley
Teen Scribe

A world-changer is someone who makes a difference in the world. To be a world-changer, one does not need to be wealthy, born great, talented, famous, or anything else. All you truly need is to be yourself because you can be a world changer by making a difference in the smallest of things.

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher yet learn at the same time? As a volunteer at the Darke County YMCA, I am able to do both. I am a teacher and a student. How is this even possible? As a self-defense instructor, I am able to teach students of all ages how to do martial arts techniques, be it self defense, sparing, or even how to do a turning back kick. In addition, I learn at the same time; no matter how old you become, there is always something new to be learned.

For me the best part in teaching self-defense to my younger students, would be when the kid finally gets the concept. At those times, I cannot help but jump up and down and rejoice. Another favorite moment is when I get to see a student be promoted another belt rank; because I know that I helped them to get there. Truly, that is the greatest reward in teaching because I know that student will always carry what I taught with them the rest of their lives. You help to change a life forever whenever you help others to succeed.

In those small moments, I not only make a difference but also become a part of the world-changers movement. Yet it does not have to stop there. It continues onward in the other ways I give of myself and the small ways that I help out. I love to work with kids also.

My favorite part about working with kids is when they teach you something you did not know. When you learn from kids, truly you become wiser. For kids know more than you and I think they do. A child is only as smart as the person teaching/mentoring them is. Children are impressible and soak up like a sponge anything you say or do. So when you work with a child, be sure you pass along a smile; because then, you help to change the world one child at a time.

So give of yourself and join the world-changer movement. You do not have to teach self-defense or even work with children. In fact, you can volunteer your time with senior citizens by visiting someone at a close by nursing home or retirement home. You can even make time to be there for someone by being a good listener. Sometimes the smallest gestures of kindness make the greatest of differences.

You never know how that small act of kindness: of opening the door for someone, shoveling the snow off of someone’s driveway, carrying groceries to someone’s car, or simply smiling can brighten someone’s day. It is in these random acts of kindness, that you and I can make a difference. In doing this, you not only join the world-changers movement but also make the world a better place. Therefore, be a world-changer and make a difference any way you can.

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