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Teen Summer... Looking forward

Summer is almost here and four Teen Scribes think ahead to summer days... even the coming school year.

Some of them will be entering high school. It can be scary or it can be an exciting challenge... or both.

Want to know what some of these young people are thinking? Here are the thoughts of Sammy Lobenstein, Moe Donthnier, Leslie Logan and Elizabeth Horner...
By Elizabeth Horner
School can be a defining moment in a young person’s life.  Our first experiences and lessons handling pressures can occur inside the classroom.  Graduating from one year to the next sometimes can be froth with fears.  Sometimes it helps to be able to write them down or talk about it. Acknowledging the problem can lead to our journey of how to overcome those obstacles.  I must admit that I freaked out the eve of being a ninth grader but as many students will discover, they are strong enough to find and make their place in that world.

High School
By Leslie Logan
It was Saturday. I enjoyed sleeping until 11:00 a.m.  I went downstairs and plopped on the couch and began to flip through channels on television trying to find something to spark my interest.  Then suddenly it all happened.  I stopped on a “lunchable” commercial where there was a girl being awaken by a dreadful noise --- “beep, beep, beeeep, beeeep” of the alarm clock. I don’t know about you but when I hear that noise, I want to … never mind.
It reminded me of school.  I spent years in elementary grades learning the basics.  In middle school, more difficult things and there were some subjects I honestly did not care much about. Now, I am in junior high.  These two years haven’t run the smoothest but not the worst either.  Eighth grade has weighed me down with more stresses and responsibilities.  Foremost on my mind is high school.  It terrifies me to think that there will be four times as many students there.  Then there will be the upperclassmen, harder classes, more homework, maybe stricter teachers, and more complicated relationship problems.  It’s right or left, up or down, black or white, so many more corners to turn. The whole thing is driving me crazy.  Maybe writing about it will help.  I’ll try to think positive … that I will be alright.  For the time being, I will try to focus on … summer!

If only I could customize my classroom
By Moe Donthnier, Grade 7

If only I could customize my classroom it will be like a softball team.

The teacher acts more like a coach when teaching things to improve our skills.

The teacher makes it fun like a game.  I like it when teachers are creative so it is not boring.  It helps me too when I am not treated different than the others.

School Mornings
By Sammy Lobenstein
The alarm clock beeps.  You hate to get up but you “have to”.  You shower, put on clothes and make-up if you are a girl. Then you get on the school bus, walk or get a ride from family.
Riding in the bus can be fun, crazy or just plain.  Sometimes it depends on the driver who can be calm or extremely strict --- or the riders especially your seat mate.
Walking to school can be great exercise if you don’t live 5 miles away and it is not bitter cold.  It is fun when you have a good friend walking with you.
Riding with family depends on the driver, if the person is too slow you may fall asleep or too wild that you might get a heart attack.
Then you get to school.  Just like riding or walking, your day depends on many things. You may have an absolute fine, downright depressing, or unadorned day.
But I don’t have to dwell on that right now… summer is here!

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