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Giving Thanks
By Elizabeth Horner  
November  20, 2011 

While family gathers in front of scrumptious meals, and parties begin for the holiday season, we know people around us that are encountering hardships or dark periods in their lives. The road to their future may not only be hidden, but they can scarcely tell what is up or what is down. I happen to believe things happen for a reason and we have free will to make noble choices when life throws us those curve balls. Good things do come out of our trials and tribulations if we deliberately seek to find, even a speck of light in this vast dark cosmic space. The stars will twinkle and the sun will rise again, and we will emerge a stronger person when we hang in there until then. I know that emotions can run a lot less smooth when we are going through such events. That is when I believe, you just have to keep your FAITH strong. 

I have always liked to use the analogy of lighting a candle in this great darkness that surrounds us. If in the midst of all the suffering that we are going through, we seek to find one positive thing, that one little act of faith might not make everything clear to us, but it can push the shadows back a little, illuminating our next few steps forward. Sometimes, we have to keep struggling onwards, even without knowing where we’re heading. Just getting through the day will lay the groundwork for when our purpose is finally revealed to us. I see light also as a communal thing that is shared by everyone. A person’s attempt to let all of the challenges strengthen one self may also lend strength and determination to others too! Many candles might start burning, feeding off themselves. 

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope everyone lights a candle, not just for our family but for others too!!!

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