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Homecoming Preparations in Full Swing
By Naiesha Thobe
Teen Scribe

The week of Homecoming has finally arrived! Talk of the game, the parade, and of course, the dance are only a few topics squirreling through the hallways of Greenville High School. Naturally, most people only care about those three events, but there is much going on for Homecoming week that is often overlooked.

First off, the school clubs unite! Meetings once a day, every day, as each club hurries to find decorations for their respective float in the awaited Homecoming Parade. On top of finding a particular icon to fit the theme (this year, it’s Welcome to Wonderland), each club also has the task of creating hallway decorations that fit the theme and the club. Needless to say, Cheshire Cats, Mad Hatters, and all things Wonderland-ful will be soon littering the hallways to support our school spirit.

Secondly, the school also hosts Dress-Up Days the week of Homecoming - Monday, for instance, is camo day, while Wednesday students are expected to wear their respective class colors. (The Senior’s color is black; what does this even mean?) Participation is widely found throughout the school as tension and excitement mount; at least, in past years, it has.

Talk of the upcoming game and parade is also heard, but the main concern is the Homecoming Dance. Tickets have been on sale at the school for a few days now, and will continue to be sold. Everybody wonders to themselves (and to anybody who will listen) what to wear and who to go with and if the dance will be a success.

Only one thing’s for sure for this year’s Homecoming: with a theme like Wonderland, anything is possible!

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