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Welcome to a Brand New Wonderland
By Naiesha Thobe, Teen Scribe 
October 23, 2011 

Recently, while going on a movie-watching binge with a few of my friends, was treated to the wonder of a brand new Wonderland. This TV miniseries, hosted by SyFy, proved to be quite a twist on the original adventure of a much beloved story. 

Alice is the SyFy remake of the ever popular Alice in Wonderland. Knowing that the miniseries comes from the SyFy channel, viewers have to be prepared for elements more strange than even the original story has. Do not let this scare you - strange is exactly what you want when it comes to Wonderland, is it not? 

As in the original, we follow the adventures of Alice through her adventures in Wonderland. This time around, Alice is a twenty-something judo master with a mission that goes beyond following the White Rabbit. While the characters are the same - The Hatter, The Red Queen, the White Rabbit, etc, the story takes on a bit of a different standpoint. Alice does find herself in Wonderland - a Wonderland that is not underground and a quite futuristic one at that. 

This miniseries stars celebrities such as Caterina Scorsone, Andrew Lee Potts, Philip Winchester, Tim Curry, and Kathy Bates. It originally aired on the SyFy channel in 2009 as a two part, three-hour miniseries, but can now be purchased on DVD. 

Overall, I give this movie a nine out of ten. The acting had, perhaps, some of the only quirks to this movie, but generally the actors pulled it off. The storyline was clear and easy to follow - even if it was not exactly like the original. The imagination put into the miniseries caught my attention, as the music was catchy and the settings were visually dynamic. All in all, being an Alice in Wonderland fan, I would definitely watch this over again.


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