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Not an easy choice
Two projects for my Digital Literacies English course
By Brittany Ullman

Editor: Brittany Ullman is a sophomore Creative Writing student. The following are two projects she created for one of her courses, Digital Literacies. Enjoy…

In the spring 2014 semester, I took an Introduction to Digital Literacies English course which had the goal of teaching students more about how English and the digital world coincide.  Many of the projects in this class involved working with various online mediums (such as websites, blogs, wikis, etc.); and the final exam was to create a multi-modal website.  The website was required to discuss a topic pertaining to a discussion surrounding the student’s major/profession of choice.  For my project, I chose to examine how technology was transforming the copyediting world.  Even though I did not agree with the results that I found, my website informed my audience about how technology may be replacing copyeditors in the future.

In the same Digital Literacies class, one of the other projects that the class participated in was a blog that discussed everything occurring in the class.  All of the students were broken up into groups of four to five people, and each member was to contribute three blog posts throughout the semester with an additional two comments each week.  The concept of the project was not only to teach the students on how to create a blog, but also how to properly conduct oneself on the internet.

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