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Commissioners Corner... Your input wanted on 911 issue
County continues leadership in economic development - As this is written, the weather is a balmy 45 degrees.  Not bad for a February in the Miami Valley.  I am sure most of us will take this right up until spring. However, winter is not over yet and the possibility is still there for some severe weather. We will keep our fingers crossed. Things are moving along nicely in the County... read more
Owning up to a wrong or two... That’s My Opinion, By Bob Robinson
Now that the dust seems to have settled – for the moment – on the proposed .25 percent sales tax increase Commissioner Mike Stegall has brought up, I’d like to raise a few questions. New information has come to light. Let’s start with MARCS, the Multi Agency Radio Communications System Bob Rhoades told us about that last week. Is there a reason we aren’t considering doing what some of our neighbors have done... read more
“It’s not me,” says Don Wright, By Bob Robinson
“Somebody’s using my name and saying dumb stuff on one of those blogs we got here,” Don Wright said as soon as he answered his phone. I was subbing Friday and had a message from Don to call him back when I left campus. He wasn’t a happy camper. “I’ve been told that someone’s been saying stuff about local officials and signing my name to it on one of those blogs,” Don said. “Doesn’t even use good... read more
Senator Faber... Ohio welcomes new protections against runaway government regulations
Throughout my time in the General Assembly, I have come to realize that government often fails to use common sense in addressing state issues. In 2008, the Regulatory Reform Task Force was assembled to gather feedback from residents on how to better ease the constraints of state government on the operations of business in Ohio. During the course of eight public hearings across the state and countless... read more
911: Let’s look at all the options, By Bob Rhoades
I don’t always agree with Mike Stegall on things.  On the other hand when he is headed in the right direction we should all get behind the cause and help in any way we can.  Case in point: the 911 system.  I hope that what I’ve seen written so far has been a consensus vote from all three commissioners.  But we don’t have those facts. Number one thing Commissioner Mike told the Kiwanis last week was that... read more
Mixing the Unmixable? By Jim Surber
The folly and futility of arguing either politics or religion is well-know. Understanding this, it would seem stupid to write concerning both, even though they are now very closely linked. Mixing religion and politics has been likened to mixing ice cream and horse manure—it never hurts the horse manure, but it always ruins the ice cream. The delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention may have blocked the establishment of Christianity as a national religion... read more
State Rep Jim Buchy... Do Not Overlook Importance of Vocational Education
As Governor Kasich pointed out in his State of the State address February 7th, Ohio has one of the best collections of colleges and universities in the country. More and more students nationwide, upon graduating from high school, move onto college in search of the education and skills that will make them more competitive in the job market. Each day thousands of skilled jobs go unfilled in this state.  Business cannot... read more
Representative Adams... Education is Fundamental to Growing Ohio’s Workforce
We were successful in creating jobs in Ohio in the past year. The economy is shaping up and people are getting back to work. Now that Ohio’s job market is beginning to expand, there are steps that we must take to ensure that it continues to grow. As we continue to explore and expand Ohio’s job market, this trend increases the need for on-the-job training.  All of the work that went into attracting new employment opportunities... read more
Darke County Commissioner... Response: Not Always Right, but Never Wrong, By Mike Stegall
Bob, I liked your column on our little “discussion” after the Kiwanis club meeting.  It made me think of how I am perceived by people. If you thought I was getting in your face, I’m sorry.  Sometimes I can come across as a boorish clod when I don’t mean too.  I was enjoying our discussion, but I left out the door because we had our public session at 1:30 so I had to get back and look at a few things before we started... read more
Not always right, but never wrong, That’s My Opinion, By Bob Robinson
“If you want something locally, be prepared to pay for it locally.” Or something like that. I read it a while back in a report about Gov. John Kasich. Hey! That’s great. That’s the way it should be. Get back to local control, local funding, and taxpayers having a voice in how our local governments should run and whether or not we want to pay for it. The next step is if you ain’t gonna pay for it, then don’t “mandate” it. State and... read more
Candidate for Darke County Commissioner... Ward requests your support in the March Primary
I am Aaron Ward and I would appreciate your support in electing me as Darke County Commissioner. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Financial Services and am an accomplished financial advisor. After more than ten years in the financial field, my wife, Betsy, and I realized that we were spending more time in corporate America and missing out on our children’s lives, so we decided to make a change. We opened our... read more
Congressman John Boehner... Bipartisan Talks to Extend Payroll Tax Cut
WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) issued the following statement today on the status of bipartisan negotiations to provide a full-year extension of the payroll tax break: “With a tax hike threatening 160 million Americans at the end of this month, the Democrats in the Senate must get serious about negotiations on a full-year extension of the payroll tax holiday, as well as reforming and... read more
Congress just keeps on truckin’ By Jim Surber
It has been said that if you think the problems that government creates are bad, just wait until you see its solutions. At a time when our nation’s infrastructure has been neglected for years and the prospects for additional funding for roads and bridges are about as likely as balancing the federal budget, legislators are crafting plans that will further destroy our highways. The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee... read more
State Senator Bill Beagle... The LSC Fellowship Opens the Door to Public Service
The start of every new year marks a time when scholars throughout our area return to their respective college campuses to begin their final semester of study.  For so many, this time proves overwhelming in having to decide on a logical next step.  The standard practice of preparing for finals and revising papers is quickly replaced with the need to draft résumés and apply for jobs. Since coming to Columbus to serve as your... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... Preserving the Rights of Hunters from West Central Ohio
The 77th House District is known for its agriculture, but along with our rural life comes the important role of sportsmen. Sportsmen are responsible for hunting animals that can be a nuisance to our crops. These outdoorsmen are critical to maintaining wildlife population levels. Without their efforts, crops would be destroyed, disease would run rampant and the limited habitat would be overtaken. This year, sportsmen... read more
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