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Commissioners Corner... Darke County the place to locate and grow
Summer is in full swing in Darke County now.  Once again, it is hot and humid, the children are out of school, and vacation time is just around the corner for most people.  It is hard to believe, but the Great Darke County Fair is less than 2 months away!  Where has the time gone?  Time is moving forward in the Commissioner’s Office also.  By the time this is printed... read more
So many talents in so many areas, That’s My Opinion By Bob Robinson
I’ve been privileged in my personal and professional life. Not many people can say they have two great families, some good friends, a wide range of experiences, retired from a job he loved only to replace it with another “job” he loves and the unique experience of sharing his knowledge (and the mistakes to avoid) with younger generations. Recently I attended two graduation parties. I’d had several... read more
Speaker Boehner Press Office... Rep. Bill Cassidy, M.D. on Jobs & Repealing ObamaCare
June 22, 2012 - Delivering the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) discusses Republicans’ focus on jobs and fully repealing the president’s health care law, which is making our economy worse by driving up costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers. “Unless the Court throws out the entire law,” Dr. Cassidy says, “we should repeal what is left and implement common-sense, step-by-step... read more
State Representative Richard Adams... Ohio Pension Reform Requires Adequate Information
The issue of pension reform is in need of attention in Ohio. As a recent Time magazine article pointed out, pension liabilities are now 35 percent of the state’s GDP. Ohio’s taxpayers, active members, and retirees rely on a comprehensive solution. While a quick solution would be ideal in everyone’s minds, it must also be done right. An actuarial study is currently being conducted by the Ohio Retirement Council (ORC)... read more
U.S. Congressman John Boehner... Republicans Relentlessly Focused on Jobs
WASHINGTON, D.C. – At his weekly press briefing, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) highlighted today’s House vote on the Domestic Energy & Jobs Act, next month’s vote to stop the small business tax hike, and Republicans’ commitment to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety – all part of the continuing focus on helping the private sector create jobs.  Congressman Boehner also discussed operation Fast & Furious... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Farm Policy that’s Better for Farmers, Fairer to Taxpayers
With one in seven Ohio jobs connected to agriculture, it’s obvious just how vital farming is to our state. That’s one of the reasons I’m honored to represent our state’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities as Ohio’s first senator on the Agriculture Committee in more than four decades. Over the last year, as part of my “Grown in Ohio” listening tour, I’ve had the opportunity to hear directly from farmers, business leaders... read more
Take the fox from the henhouse? By Jim Surber
The upcoming November ballot will be so overcrowded that many Ohio voters may just give up instead of having to make so many choices. This fall, Ohio voters will choose the President, a U.S. Senator, some State Senators, every U.S. and state House member, two state Supreme Court justices, and a long list of county and local officials. If that isn’t enough, they also will be faced with a growing number of state and... read more
A Nice Place to Visit, By Mike Stegall, Darke County Commissioner
Recently, I completed my “Bucket List” golf trip to Scotland and Ireland with my wife Rosemary and our friends, the Breadens. We all had a great time, saw some wonderful sights, and tried some new things that I never thought I would. Have you ever heard of the Scottish national dish called “haggis?” Haggis is basically the innards of a sheep, cooked in a sheep’s stomach for about 4 hours. I know it sounds... read more
State Senator Bill Beagle... Father’s Day Reflections
My first year and a half as a state senator has been a whirlwind education on some of the toughest issues facing our state and the intricacies of the legislative process. This Father’s Day, as I pour coffee into my “World’s Best Dad” mug and begin breakfast with my wife and three children, I reflect upon one of the toughest issues threatening the future: the growing absence of fathers in our children’s lives. It is important to first recognize the many men who take the responsibility of being a father... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Fighting for Fair Pay
Ohioans work hard, and I believe their hard work deserves fair pay, regardless of gender. But today in Ohio, women earn just 85 cents to every dollar a man makes. According to the Joint Economic Committee, that earnings gap means over the course of their working lives, women lose more than $400,000. That’s unconscionable. Nearly fifty years ago, Congress passed and President John F. Kennedy... read more
State Senator Bill Beagle... A Special Father’s Day Message
Video - As families across Ohio prepare to celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, State Senator Bill Beagle (R - Tipp City) recently took a moment to discuss how his role on the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood, and past experience as a stay-at-home Dad, has motivated him to work on behalf of Ohioans and provide our state’s children with a future filled with opportunity. Senator Beagle’s Father... read more
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown... Ensuring Veterans Get the Care They Need
Last month, our country observed Memorial Day, a day when we take the time to remember the servicemembers who sacrificed their lives for our country. In remembering the servicemembers who paid the ultimate price for their nation, we should also express our gratitude by honoring the veterans with us today and making sure they have access to good-paying jobs and are receiving the veterans’ benefits they’ve earned... read more
Communication requires two, That’s My Opinion By Bob Robinson
In a perfect world, government functions much like a business… a not-for-profit business. Shareholders or board members (taxpayers) hire (elect) executives (public officials) to lead the organization (government entity). They expect full disclosure of all actions and moneys spent, then determine if those actions are appropriate and in compliance with their expectations. If they are, all is well. If they aren’t, the “employers... read more
A Bird in the Hand… Welcome Trilogy with Open Arms, By Bob Robinson
There’s this tract of land on the north side of Russ Road, sandwiched between State Hwy 121 and Kitchen Aid Way, that’s been vacant ever since I can remember and I’ve been here for 11 years. According to Dustin Leis, Leis Realty, it’s been vacant even longer than that. He’s been trying to sell it for 15 years. He added that it was on the market before he took over. No one... read more
State Representative Jim Buchy... BWC Reform Efforts
Why Getting Ohioans Back to Work Boosts Our Economy? In the past two years, we have been working in Ohio to lower the costs of doing business and promote job growth.  Thus far, we have successfully reduced taxes on family business owners, and turned the job of attracting new businesses over to the private sector, where less red tape and bureaucracy will allow Ohio to compete against other states for companies... read more
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