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BBQ and Blues another DCCA hit
By Paige Burns

Turtle Creek Golf Course recently hosted a public event for lovers of barbecue and blues music. With good quality food and some music, the atmosphere of the night was alive with fun and entertainment.

The crowd began showing up around 6 p.m. while Cincinnati Blues artist, Jay Jesse Johnson, and local favorites Higgins-Madewell began to set up their equipment for a night full of blues music.

Before relaxing and listening to the music provided for the evening, people began to order their favorite beers and the special barbeque dinner provided by The Thirsty Turtle Lounge. While some people decided to sit in the Thirsty Turtle dining area to eat their dinners, others decided to eat outside at provided picnic tables or in their own lawn chairs.

Around 6:30 p.m., artist Jay Jesse Johnston introduced his uncle who was stepping in for Johnston’s brother who couldn’t make it to the event. Johnston played multiple cover songs and even some of his own songs while kids played in the grass and adults talked amongst themselves.

“We’re playing tag and I’m winning!” exclaimed an excited 7-year old Megan Robert.

Many kids were off playing their own made up games rather than enjoying the Blues music being played.

“I like to listen to music but not this music,” said 10-year Kevin Ross.

Although many of the kids would rather play games than listen to the Blues, adults enjoyed themselves during this night of fun. Between eating quality food, reuniting with old friends, listening to the Blues, and spending time with family, mostly everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

After about an hour, Johnston gave the spotlight over to local band Higgins-Madewell, who then proceeded to play cover songs of old Blues music.
After putting on an exciting show, Higgins-Madewell left the stage to interact with the audience. With all of the conversation, relaxation, food, and music, the night was one to remember for anyone that attended.

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