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Left to Right: Cory Penkal; Morgan Carter; Austin White; Joey Koller

Minor ‘Love; Major Expression
By Paige Burns

“It’s the high of making art and the transcendental feeling of playing shows,” said Joey Koller of local band, Minor ‘Love. Koller refers to the band’s live shows as interactive art showcases because of the energies and performances given separately by each member of the band. To each of the members, Minor ‘Love is more than just a band.

The band was first put together in January of 2015. At this point, three young boys named Joey Koller, Cory Penkal, and Devin Limmer had been hanging out and playing “broken pop-punk” music as a pastime. While mostly covering other bands’ songs and goofing around with their instruments, they started to get more attention from friends. Soon enough, these boys decided to put a name to their hobby. They first called themselves The Shades of Cool, named after a song written by their favorite musician, Lana Del Rey.

After becoming serious about their work, Limmer and Koller started writing lyrics and Penkal composed music to play on his guitar. After writing a few songs and getting more attention from friends, Koller and Penkal decided to get another guitarist and a drummer together to make a real band, which led to the recruitment of Dylan Gilbert as guitarist and Austin White as drummer.

Now, with White on drums, Gilbert and Penkal on guitar, and Koller as vocalist, The Shades of Cool was gaining popularity and support. The band started putting shows together in Penkal’s basement, and inviting other local bands to come play. This was a common occurrence for quite a while, before Penkal’s parents had enough of the crazy shows. The band continued to play at small gigs like Paw’s Bingo Hall and The Coffee Pot.

Some months later, Gilbert left the band and bassist Morgan Carter was introduced. As time passed, The Shades of Cool no longer felt like The Shades of Cool.

“It felt uncomfortable, like an old pair of shoes that are a size too small,” Koller recalled.

Thus came the changing of the name from The Shades of Cool to Minor ‘Love. The official name change happened on January 1st of 2017, which was the day they released their first single as Minor ‘Love.

The band has progressed a lot since they were The Shades of Cool. Minor ‘Love has a more solid sound now that sounds fun at the same time. Koller never misses an opportunity to dance on stage and that makes the music even more fun.

What makes Minor ‘Love unique from other local bands is their love for their supporters and their pride of the LGBTQIA+ community. As a gay artist, Koller feels as though he is helping the minority to accept themselves. Not only this, but the band loves to interact with their audience and followers.

“We’re different. Come hangout with us,” Koller said.

Find Minor ‘Love on Facebook as @MINORLOVEOH and Instagram as @Minorloveohio. All of their music is available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, and iTunes.

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