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Darke County Friends of the Shelter
Special donation to Animal Shelter

GREENVILLE - Ashton Turpin and her Mom, Sarah Rose, made a surprise stop at the Darke County Animal Shelter. Ashton turned 8 years old and decided, instead of birthday presents for herself; why not help the dogs and cats at the Shelter. She told her family and friends she didn’t want anything for herself but wanted to help the dogs and cats at the Shelter. What a surprise it was. Her and her Mom brought in everything you could think of; dog food, cat food, dog and cat toys, shampoo, treats, paper towels and the list goes on. The Shelter staff was so surprised that such a young girl could be so thoughtful and compassionate that she would think of all of our 4-legged friends. Our furry friends at the Shelter were very happy also. The Shelter and the Friends of the Shelter want to thank Ashton and Sarah for being so kind and thinking of our furry 4-legged friends. This was a wonderful gift from Ashton and is a true example of her character and upbringing. Her birthday is May 12th so be sure to wish her a happy birthday and thank her for her kind act.

Pictured are Ashton and her Mom Sarah with their donation.

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