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Spring Hiking Adventure for April Park P.A.L.S.

Darke County Park District invites children in kindergarten through 2nd grade to join them on April 15th from 10am to 12pm at the Shawnee Prairie Nature Center to explore nature’s variety during Park P.A.L.S! Children will go on a scavenger hunt for critters as the ground starts to warm and the forest comes alive. They will gently roll logs and pull back leaves to expose the diversity of life that thrives on the forest floor. Please remember to dress for the weather.

Park P.A.L.S. is a program designed for students of this age group who are interested in nature. P.A.L.S. stands for Practicing And Learning Stewardship, and its mission is to develop future earth stewards through meaningful educational opportunities and hands-on experiences in the natural world. A $3 fee is charged for the program, and registration is required. For any questions about the Park P.A.L.S. program or any other park district programs or to register for the April class, please call the Nature Center at (937) 548-0165.
Photo - Rotting logs can be home to worms, pill bugs, and many other small insects and decomposers.

senior scribes

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