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Library's “Family Fun Day”
The Greenville Public Library's next “Family Fun Day” is Wednesday July 12 at 11:00 a.m. on the Library lawn featuring mime Reed Steele.  Reed has been practicing his craft for more than 35 years and he has been a teaching artist with Arts for Learning for 30 of those years. Reed has a B.A. in Theatre and a B.S. in Physical Education Health, both of which contribute to his work as a mime.

“Mime is the art of physical acting, telling stories without words,” Reed says. “My style is a cross between Red Skelton, Dick Van Dyke, and Marcel Marceau.” In addition to being an accomplished mime, Reed is also the Board President of the Oregon Community Theatre and a NASA Aerospace Education Specialist. While he believes mime has something to offer all students, he believes it’s especially valuable for more introverted children. “Some kids have the gift of gab, while others struggle with words,” he says. “The art of mime can help students express themselves and their ideas through nonverbal communication. It can help them build self-confidence in public presentations and performances, and give them a greater appreciation for the art of mime.”

In case of rain we'll meet at the First Congregational Christian Church Activity Building on Fifth Street.  Many thanks to the Friends of the Library and the Steyer Family Trust for their generous sponsorship of “Family Fun Days.”

senior scribes

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