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April 18, 2016

“Separation of Church and State”:  Some Thoughts
By Truman Bashore

This idea is as old as our country put forth by Jefferson and Madison; however, in his online article Dale Hansen  states that “nowhere in the First Amendment does the phrase ‘separation of church exist (Yes There is a Constitutional Separation of Church and State’ 9/21/2015 HUFFPOST POLITICS).

Hansen points out that the final arbiter for this argument is the Supreme Court and he cites Everson v Board of Education and Rowe v. Wade among others.  The issue that crops up in these court cases is that these issues aren’t in the Constitution arguing that this document “was never meant to be stagnant.  Hansen goes on to point out that during  its existence the Court has  been shaped to clearly show that there is a clear mandate to protect “every religion equally.”

That said, the current political climate is such that those on the right want to limit religious freedom as evidenced by Mr. Trump’s call to “register Muslims”.  Further, the right for woman to choose is continually under attack based again on “Thou shall not kill” except when it comes to the death penalty.

The benefits of “separation” are there for us all and our various beliefs.  The Constitution is a mandate to protect each of our beliefs including atheists. 

In short, I would ask the Right to take a deep breath and celebrate our diversity instead of condemning  anyone with whom they disagree just to get votes.

Truman Bashore

senior scribes
senior scribes

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