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Front Row (L-R): Chloe Grillot, Maddie Durham, Lauren Menke, Hannah Bey, Jenna McClure,
Dylan Meyer, Emily McClure, Megan Rismiller. Back Row (L-R): Kiearra Pearson, Brooke Timmerman,
Taylor Hainline, Jack Detrick, Sam Stachler. Not pictured:  Derek Rauh. (Bob Robinson photo)
Power of the Pen
Versailles students take 3 of 4 top POP honors
By Bob Robinson

BOTKINS – Versailles Middle School students take top 7th and 8th grade team honors, and Versailles 8th grader Hannah Bey takes top 8th grade individual, at the 2016 Power of the Pen Regional Competition at Botkins on Feb. 13.

Additional 8th grade Versailles winners are Jenna McClure, who came in ninth and Taylor Hainline, tenth. Additional Versailles 7th grade winners are Chloe Grillot, seventh and Brooke Timmerman, eighth.

Versailles coach Carrie Borchers credits the success of her students to the parents and the “diligent teaching” of reading and writing they’ve received from Versailles schools from their early education on.

“These students have been ingrained with the love of reading and have been given the support needed to begin creating their own stories from a young age,” she said. “Their talent to do that was evident in the District competition, and we hope to continue seeing the benefits in competition, throughout their schooling, and possibly as they choose their careers in the future."

Rounding out the top six 8th grade individual winners are Tori Sevier, Minster Middle School, second; Skyla Webb, Minster, third; Ryleigh Young, St. Marys Middle School, fourth, Jacob Trent, Houston High School, fifth; and Sarah Ham, Holy Angels School, sixth.

The top six 7th grade winners are Lynzee Keaton, Fort Loramie JHS, first; Max Schmiesing, Holy Angels, second; Jayden Abels, Coldwater Middle School, third; Macy Duhaime, Houston, fourth; Ava Grudich, Fort Loramie, fifth and Lauren Menke, Versailles, sixth.

The Top 8th Grade teams are Versailles, first, Fort Loramie, second, New Bremen, third and Coldwater, fourth. The Top 7th Grade teams are Versailles, Fort Loramie, second, New Bremen, third and Coldwater, fourth.

Seventh grade Best of Round winners are Madison Gels, Coldwater, Macy Duhaime, Houston and Jayden Abels, Coldwater. Eighth grade Best of Round winners are Sarah Ham, Holy Angel, Calia Ferguson, New Bremen and Kayla Helman, Anna Middle School.

Rounding out the top twelve 7th grade winners are Natalie Pitre, Anna, ninth; Angelieh Behr, Holy Angels, tenth; Maddy Wills, Houston, eleventh and Kirsten Brotherhood, St. Marys, twelfth. Rounding out the top twelve 8th grader winners are Patrick Meiring, Houston, seventh; Deatra Reinhard, Coldwater, eighth; Jenna Allen, Holy Angels, eleventh and Autumn Lampert, Anna, twelfth.

Thirteen schools participated in the 2016 Regional Power of the Pen, bringing 67 7th graders and 73 8th graders to the competition. All student winners will be invited to the District competition, date to be announced.

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7th Grade (L-R):  Brooke Timmerman, Chloe Grillot, Lauren Menke,
Kiearra Pearson, Maddie Durham, Jack Detrick
8th Grade (L-R):  Megan Rismiller, Hannah Bey, Dylan Meyer, Taylor Hainline, Jenna McClure,
Emily McClure, Sam Stachler. Not pictured: Derek Rauh.

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