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Homeschool junior takes Miss Annie Oakley Title

Ira McDaniel, a 17-year-old homeschool junior, bested 10 other young ladies for the title of Miss Annie Oakley 2017 at the 85 foot line Thursday.

Ira looked forward to her new role for the coming year, noting she respected Annie due to shared values and character. “I don’t really feel any different,” she said. “I’m looking forward to representing her the coming year.”

Following the third round on Wednesday, Cierra Miller won the Best Costume title, with Ira taking an honorable mention. Wednesday competition concluded at the 75-foot mark with six shooters still in contention for the title: Ira, Nina McDaniel, Kailey Fourman, Megan Troutwine, Hope Schaaf, and Mariah Troutwine.

On Thursday, two rounds later, Ira hit the mark at 85 feet. Kailey Fourman finished at first runner-up and Hope Schaaf finished at second runner-up.

Also competing in the annual Miss Annie Oakley shooting contest were Morgan Hissong, Layla Carrington, Johnna Siegrist, Hannah Bingham and Cierra Miller.

Following the contest, Ira, 2016 Miss Annie Oakley Katy Hurd and about two dozen others made the annual Pilgrimage to the Annie Oakley gravesite.


senior scribes

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