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Greenville Police Department Joins Click lt or Ticket
To Crack Down on Seat Belt Use - Especially at Night

Greenville, OH - The Greenville Police Department will join local and national law enforcement officers and highway safety advocates all across the country for the 2017 national Clicle It or Ticket seat belt enforcement mobilization, May 22-Iune 4, 2017 .

During the mobilization, officers will be cracking down on motorists who fail to wear their seat belts - both day and night.

We're all excited about the potential for automated vehicles to help prevent crashes and save lives. They promise a far safer future on our roads, But what about safer drivingtoday? There are loads of new safefy features that help make crashes avoidable and more survivable. But there's one technology in today's cars and trucks that is central to safe driving: the seat belt. You might not think of seat belts as a safety technology, but they're the foundation of safer driving.

In 2015 alone, seat belts saved 13,941 lives. However,2,8A4 additional lives could have been saved if everyone had buckled up. That's why NHTSA remains committed to convincing every American to always buckle up.

Thanks to a combination of the enforcement of seat belt laws and public awareness campaigns, seat belt use reached a record high of90 percent in2A16, up from about 83 percent a decade ago. That's progress-but it also means that every day, rnillions of people needlessly put their lives at risk because they don't buckle up.

Our annual Click It or Ticket national mobilization is one of our best tools for increasing awareness and belt use, This year, it starts on May l5 with advertising that explains the importance of wearing seat belts and the dangers of not buckling up. If you don't heed the warnings and obey the law, they will be backed up by law enforcement, who will be rnaking a special effort to hand out tickets for failing to buckle up between May 22 and June 4.


Seat belts are the single most effective safety technolagy in the history of the automobile. A NHTSA study of lives saved by vehicle technologies found that. between 1960 and 2A12, seat belts saved more lives-329,715" to be exact-than all other vehicle technologies combined, including air bags, energy-absorbing steering assemblies, and electrcnic stability control. Of course, seat belts have been available much longer than many of the other safety features the study reviewed. But they remain your first line of defense in a crash and your first step toward safer driving.

Law enforcement will be cracking down on Click lt orTicket violators around the clock. Local motorists should be prepared to buckle up, lf law enforcement finds you on the road unbuckled anytime or anywhere, you can expecto get a ticket - not a warning. No excuses and no exceptions," said Chief Butts.

While this year's Ctick lt or Ticketenforcement mobilization runs through June 1st, troopers will continue their zero tolerance policy year-round when motorists are stopped for other violations and are found to not be wearing their safety belt.

More than 900 law enforcement partners around Ohio, including the Ohio State Highway Patrol, will be aggressively enforcing the law during the mobilization, which runs May 22 - June 4,2017.

"lt's simple - safety belts save lives and reduce injury in crashes," said John Born, Director, Ohio Department of Public Safety. "lt is the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself, your family and your friends."

Remember this May 22nd to June 4th: lt's Click lt or Ticket. Buckle up and encourage your loved ones to do the same. You'll save the cost of a ticket and may even save a life.

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