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Help us celebrate a week of Wonder!

This week, the Ohio Department of Education is celebrating the release of the film Wonder, based on the best-selling book by R.J. Palacio. Counting down to the film’s nationwide premiere on Friday, Nov. 17, the Department asks Ohio’s educators and students to share their stories and activities each day based on a theme from the book.
Wonder centers on the power of kind acts, meaningful peer connections and strong adult mentors through the eyes of an extraordinary fifth grader, Auggie Pullman, who is venturing into school with an exceptional challenge.
The Department would be excited to have you share how you helped your students grasp the inspiration of Auggie Pullman, his family and his classmates, whether you showcased powerful mentors, worked from teachable texts or simply pledged kindness as a classroom.
Celebrate and share this week of Wonder with us, and follow along on Twitter and Facebook using #OhioWonderWeek.
Here’s a rundown of themes for #OhioWonderWeek:

All Week: #ChooseKind Challenge! Can we get at least 5,000 letters spreading kindness to hospitalized children in Ohio by the end of November? Tweet at us or send us a direct message to let us know how many letters your classroom has sent! You can find mailing addresses for children’s hospitals across the state by clicking here. We will announce progress and results throughout the month. Special thanks to the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association for their help on this challenge

Monday: Positive Relationships! Who has made a difference in your life to help you succeed?

Tuesday: Recommended Reads! What books change the world for you and your students?

Wednesday: Pledge Kindness! Did you know you can be a Certified Kindness Classroom? How do your students pledge to #ChooseKind?

Thursday: Precept Power! What actions do your students perform to help their peers?

Friday: Reading Buddies! Share photos of your students and their reading buddies!

Saturday: Lasting Lessons! What lasting lesson did you learn from Wonder?

senior scribes

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