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Left to Right: Low Gross Score Division Winners: Team #6  Edward Jones:  Players ~ Jack Sloat,
John Hershey, Dave Connelly and Steve Litchfield
36th Annual Annie Oakley Golf Tournament Results

Results are in from the 36th Annual Annie Oakley Golf Tournament held July 24, 2017 at Turtle Creek Golf Course.  92 golfers teed off in the annual event. 

The winners in the Low Gross Division were Team  #6 Edward Jones    Players:   Jack Sloat, John Hershey, Dave Connelly, and Steve Litchfield

The Low Net Score Division Winners were:  Team   #3 Rodney Oda    Players: Jack Born, Terry Martin,  Rodney Oda and Randy O'Dell

Second place Low Gross Team #4A Second National Players:  Marv Stammen, John Swallow, Don Hosfeld and Scott Rudnick     

Second place in the Low Net:  Team #1A    Ed Curry      Players: Ed Curry, Gary Lloyd, Dick Wright and John Westfall

3rd Place Low net Team #2    Littman Thomas  Players:  Ben Studabaker, Dan Studabaker, Gavin Glasscoe,and Darren Leis

The annual tournament banquet was held at Turtle Creek Golf Course where golfers and their guests were served a delicious meal with special prizes awarded.  The emcee of the event was Jack Sloat and the proceeds from the tournament ~ $16,000 ~  was presented to the local and independent Cancer Association of Darke County.  The association provides benefits to cancer patients in Darke County who are battling cancer.

Left to Right: Low Net Score Division Winners: Team  #3  Rodney Oda: Players ~ Jack Born,
Terry Martin, Rodney Oda and Randy O'Dell

senior scribes

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