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After School Program at Edison
This may change their future
By Seth Phillippi, Edison Student Volunteer

I believe I have made a good choice in choosing to do the after school program. This is one of the best ways I can spend my free time. I enjoy coming and helping the kids. I am thinking about helping out even after the semester is over.

I think the after school program has a good benefit from being in communication class. I have used my own critical thinking during the after school program. In some situations, I had to think of something to say quick and use my critical thinking skills that I have done better at since the beginning of the class.

There are other situations that involve problem solving. There was this kindergartner that didn’t want to go over his alphabet with flash cards. I laid all the cards out and told him who can find the letter the fastest. After that he was all in for finding his letters. He even wanted me to make flash cards for him to take home. I also make him read and over time I believe he has gotten better. There is another kid that always asks if I can help him and he always gives me a hug when he gets there and when he leaves. This same boy stays on his homework most of the time. He gets distracted sometimes but gets right back on it when I tell him to or help him. This after school program has allowed me to better my communications skills with younger kids, improved my critical thinking skills, and taught me what to do in certain situations.

I believe all of the Edison core values were greatly used in this program. Every one of them is a must. Critical thinking was important when a kid asked me a random question of what I need to say in a certain situation. There was also a very wide range of diversity in the program. There were kids from all ages that needed help with all sorts of different subjects. The helpers had to help them in many different ways depending on their needs. We also needed to have a respect for learning different ways to teach the kids. This would make it more interesting and fun for the kids while learning at the same time. Teamwork was a big part of the program. If there weren’t enough team members, the program would not have run as smoothly. The more team members there are, the better the program ran. We all had to work together to make this happen. I think this program is a great thing for the community. I am glad that there is somewhere for these kids to go to get some more help with schoolwork. They might not be able to get as much help elsewhere and this is a great same place to go for these kids. I believe this program should be every year from now on.

I have gained many things from participating in this program. I have gained some new buddies and I have met new people. I am now more outgoing and more willing to speak up. I have also gained some great experiences while working with kids. I have also gained the knowledge of how some kids try to get out of doing their homework and figuring out a way for them to do it. This program is a great thing for young kids to get help with their schoolwork. I know that it is hard to get help to show up, but that would be one thing I would suggest. You really can’t do much about the help but on some days we need more help than we have to effectively help all of the students. Other than that I cannot think of anything else I would change or do differently about the program. It is a very good program and I would send my kids there if I had any. I like seeing kids get smart and get involved more in their schoolwork. This may change their future down the road, which is really great.   

Seth has completed 21.5 hours in Empowering Darke County Youth’s After School Program on the Edison Darke County Campus. To get details about his assignment, go to Edison Students Speak Out

To get more details about Empowering Darke County Youth and the After School Program, go to the Empowering Darke County Youth link.

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