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The birth of America
By Bob Robinson

ANSONIA – “Why are you here?” I love asking that question… Memorial Day Parade and Independence Day Parade. Beyond the usual – “it’s a parade” or “the candy” – I never know what to expect.

Lots of red, white and blue. Adults and kids. Sunglasses, T-shirts, hair decorations! Big smiles. Well… mostly.

Got “the parade” a couple times, candy once; even got ignored once, then… “To celebrate the Birth of Jesus?”

“No, that’s Christmas,” said Mom.

“Oh.” Shrug of shoulders. Then big sis… “Our independence?” What does that mean? “We’re free?”

Yep! We’re free. What do you think? Might call it our birthday? “It’s not my birthday,” she said. “That’s next month.” Can America have a birthday? She thought it about it a second, then grinned. “Sure,” she said.

So how old is America?

Mom laughed. “1776 is all I know,” she said. Do the math? “Uh uh, no way!”

Two thousand minus 1776 is what… 24? 2017 minus 2000 is 17? That’s what, 41? Then add in two centuries… 1800s and 1900s… America is 241 years old!

I’d lost mom, but not the child, “Wow!” she said. “241? I’m only nine.” She grinned. Then it was time… the blinking lights appeared over the tracks. The parade had begun and the kids had a new focus.


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senior scribes

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