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A day without a woman?
By Susan Olling

A local commentator, whose opinions I respect, raised a good question about what went on 08 Mar: who were women in this country trying to educate?   Any answers out there?  If you want to hear his excellent comments, follow this link and go to 08 Mar:
I read various articles about a day without a woman.  I’m done retching (and laughing) now.  (Yes, I’ll be using lower case for the name of what went on last Wednesday—just couldn’t take it seriously.)
I asked in the last installment what more could women in this country want (in the context of the 21 Jangroups of fashion statements wearing silly pink things on their  heads).  I was frankly quite mystified at this latest effort by women who seemed to think that the rest of us would mindlessly fall into line.  Two school systems in the greater D.C. environs closed because so many staff and teachers weren’t going to be at work on 08 Mar.  Apparently they didn’t think about parents who had to scramble for child care.  Our schools were open.  To whoever made that decision, thank you.
Apparently, 08 Mar was about gender equality and showing how valuable women are to American society.  And protesting the current administration.  On what planet do the women who think up this stuff live?  I have nothing in common with the women who organize this stuff.  And the participants.  They don’t speak for me.   I have never felt unequal or not valued.
As far as protesting the current administration, please read on.  As I mentioned the last time, I voted for neither candidate.  If your knickers are still in a knot about who’s living in the White House, it’s past time to move on.  The election’s been over for a few months now, the results aren’t going to change, and the current occupant of the White House seems to have other things on his plate rather than oppressing women in this country.  Would all this caterwauling have occurred if the Democratic candidate had moved  into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in January?   Of course not.
The organizers of this “strike”  apparently wanted men to help with “domestic responsibilities” on 08 Mar.  I take this to mean household chores.   My husband likes to say he came domesticated.  For almost twenty-three years now, Mr. History’s helped with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping, among other chores.  He was doing all these things when he was single and saw no reason to stop when we got married.  And he irons his uniforms.  I’ve offered to help with that task, but he always says no.   (Mr. History thinks there should be a day without a woman—for guys.  You gentlemen could watch sports all day, sit around in your underwear, eat pizza, smoke stogies, belch when you want, no shower, no shaving.  And no nagging from women about any of it.)
Like a day without immigrants, which was bust, a day without a woman didn’t seem to be a soaring success, either.  It wasn’t the lead story on either national news program I watched on 08 Mar.  There were no hordes of protesting women on the National Mall.   It was even harder to take any of this seriously when one network reported the story of a woman who took the day off and was playing with her kids in their yard.  Really?  The members of Congress who made an appearance outside the Capitol could have set a better example by staying inside and getting some work done.  If nothing important is on your agendas, a reminder.  There’s a deadline coming up at the end of April, folks.  Surprise us, and get a budget for the rest of 2017 in place before then.  Won’t happen.  Y’all like the drama too much.
To women in this country who think they are apparently unequal or not valuable, consider what we can do here.  We can drive cars, vote, and own property.  We can take advantage of education and  have careers.  We can  serve in the military, command troops, and now, thanks to president forty-four, serve in front-line combat units.   We don’t have to wear clothing that covers us from head to toe with just slits so we can see.  Our neighborhoods haven’t been turned into rubble by airplanes or other weapons.  There aren’t tanks or soldiers on our streets.  We’re not living in refugee camps.  We (Americans) are the most spoiled people on earth.   Wednesday, 08 Mar, did nothing to change that opinion.
What more do women in this country want?  I would be curious to know.  Keep in mind, though, this isn’t a perfect world.  You can ask for the sun, moon, and stars.  But you won’t get all three.

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