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Just Because You’re Paranoid…
By Kate Burch

We read these days about the “conspiracy theorists” claiming falsely that there exists a “deep state” composed mostly of Obama administration holdovers who are busily undermining the attempts of the Trump administration to realize its goals.  According to the pundits, who are hand-in-glove with the “resistance,” all right-thinking people are outraged by the “illegitimate” election results and hate Donald Trump, and those people who were beguiled by Trump’s message are rapidly and regretfully getting their minds right.  This even when, as in a recent piece in the Washington Post, the same article can state those opinions and also cite polling data indicating that, were the election held today, Donald Trump would best Hillary Clinton in the popular vote.  We see the spectacle of the Head of the Democratic National Committee, speaking to a crowd, using scatological language to describe the President and his policies.  Hollywood types openly rant about their fantasies of blowing up the White House—speech that would get an FBI case opened on most people.   Unseemly, at best.

Truth is, there really is a “deep” administrative state that has mobilized to resist and derail the new administration and its initiatives.  No matter what the President does, these people, abetted by the major media, will find a way to make it an impeachable offense.  The President’s firing of the disgraced FBI Director, James Comey, is an example.  The Democrats and the media have swung full circle from hating James Comey because he purportedly caused Hillary Clinton to be defeated, to being his champion and crying that he was fired because he was getting close to exposing the President as a tool of the Russians.  Funny how the Democrats and the media recently loved the Russians, too.  Madness!

The federal bureaucracy includes many who have joined the “resistance,” and are busily engaged in doing all they can devise to impede the agenda of the new administration.  Sally Yates’ hijinks are an example.  Another is the protests by hundreds of EPA employees against the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as the new EPA head.  After all, his stated goal was to scale down the scope and power of the agency.  Illegal leaking of information that led to the firing of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor shows that employees of the U.S. Intelligence community are up to their eyebrows in political activity.  Unacceptable!

One major problem lending to this unfortunate and very dangerous situation is the entrenched nature of the Civil Service.  There are well over four million individuals under the Civil Service, including civilians and military personnel.  Civil servants are currently almost totally immune from being fired or demoted.  This makes them relatively independent of the elected officials whom they are supposed to serve, making it possible for those so inclined because of their political views to sabotage, subvert and obstruct the policies and agenda of those whom the people have chosen to lead.  Incompetent civil servants are ensconced forever, and the freedom of the public unions from the constraints of competition gives them salaries and benefits far in excess of comparable employees in the private sector and increases greatly the cost of government. 

It is past time for reform of this system that allows disgruntled political partisans to thwart the electoral process and hurt our pocketbooks, besides. 

senior scribes

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