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Darke County Senior Scribe
It’s Christmas in Darke County… 2015
By Lois Wilson

Once again Senior Scribe Poet Laureate Lois Wilson is on top of the season with her insightful look at the important events of the day.

This time it’s Christmas. Wilson offers three poems, each addressing a different look at the Christmas holiday season… A showplace house crisis, Christmas arrives and A scatter matter.

Wilson's completed set - five volumes - of published poetry is now available and is offered as a fundraiser for the Senior Scribes Scholarship Fund. Enjoy great poetry and help a local youngster attend college. For additional information, contact

CHRISTMAS CRISIS                                  
Bill, eager spouse,                      
Made it quite clear                            
His showplace house
Would win this year.
Bill hung each light,
Strand after strand.
On Christmas night
All would look grand
Santa, reindeer,
A handsome sleigh
Filled front to rear
With presents gay.
A small workshop
Had cutout elves
That moved nonstop
Filling toy shelves.
Bill scanned the scene
And called it done.
From those he’d seen
‘Twas the best one.
Judges came by.
Bill knew he’d lose—
On the first try
He’d blown a fuse.
Bill, upbeat man,
Just took a day
Then drew his plan—
Next year’s display.
              Lois E. Wilson
              2012 Lois E. Wilson
Friends and family
Gather ‘round the tree
For the festive time.
Sing the carols of yore;
Joyous voices soar—
Words of love in rhyme.
Awed by wondrous light,
Know the holy night—
Christmas at the prime.
Worship Jesus’ birth.
Praise God’s grace sublime.
Pray for peace on earth.
Hark!  The church bells chime!
                        Lois E. Wilson
                        2012 Lois E. Wilson
Specks of sparkle everywhere,
On the carpet, in a chair—
A little Christmas glitter
Can cause a major litter.
You can’t clean each glistening bit;
There’s more glint when light beams hit.
                        Lois E. Wilson
                        2015 Lois E. Wilson

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