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The true meaning of Christmas
By Lois Wilson

Once again Senior Scribe Poet Laureate Lois Wilson is on top of the season with her insightful look at the important events of the day.

In this case, it’s Santa Claus… or more accurately, the Christmas Season! Lois provides the solution to no chimneys for Santa, then offers insight into the true meaning of Christmas.

Wilson's completed set has a new edition – now six volumes – of published poetry. Volume 1 is out of print and no longer available, however Volumes 2-6 are available and are offered as a fundraiser for the Darke County Scholarship Fund. Enjoy great poetry and help a local youngster attend college. For additional information, contact

One child said, ”Our chimney’s too tall.”
Another claimed, “Ours is too small.”
A third frowned, “We’ve problems galore—
Santa has to knock on our door
‘Cause we have no chimneys at all!”
          2013 Lois E. Wilson
The curious lad saw
Many bright colored lights,
And the beautiful sights
Filled his young eyes with awe.
“Mom, when did Christmas come?”
“It hasn’t yet, my son.
You may see yuletide trees,
Exciting toys that please,
Choose your favorite one—
But Christmas has not come.”
“Mom, when will Christmas come?”
“Son, there’s a child who’s poor.
You sense his needs and more—
You give him your prized toy;
Then you are blessed with joy.
Your Christmas will have come.”
          2010 Lois E. Wilson

senior scribes
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