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Puzzle Pete’s “AN” answers: A to Z
2017 Lois E. Wilson

Pete finds that many words contain other words. Use the clues in the left column to solve the answer words. He runs the alphabet A to Z with “an” placed where occurring in each word. Each dash stands for a letter. One answer contains a second “an”. Did you find it? Pete says it’s fantastic!

Wilson's completed set has a new edition – now six volumes – of published poetry. Volume 1 is out of print and no longer available, however Volumes 2-6 are available and are offered as a fundraiser for Empowering Darke County Youth. Enjoy great poetry and help a achieve his or her educational goals. For additional information, contact
Scroll down for answers.

Answers: 1.Arkansas, 2.Buchanan, 3.cranky, 4.doorman, 5.expand, 6.Franklin, 7.Grand, 8.husband, 9.Island, 10.Joanne, 11.Korean, 12.Letterman, 13.Montana, 14.nuance,, 16.planet, 17.quantity, 18.Roman, 19.slander, 20.Tarzan, 21.Urban, 22.Vatican, 23.Wrangler, 24.Xanadu, 25.Yucatan, 26.Zanzibar

senior scribes

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