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Consider This
By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! I got the following from Facebook. I did not research it. It makes sense to me. I know - for a fact - that guys were turned down for military duty during the Draft for high blood pressure, flat feet, hearing loss, poor vision, etc. These are all "safety issues."

"Transgender Military Ban: For everyone flipping out about President Trump's ban on transgenders serving in the armed forces....let me explain. Currently you can't join the military if you have any medical conditions that require constant treatment or excessive accommodation. That's why people with asthma, diabetes, permanent STD's/STIs (HIV), people with cancer, or a recurring history of cancer and individuals with physical disabilities can't serve (except in very rare cases where a specific waiver is granted). Transgender individuals require hormone replacement therapy, they require psychiatric care during transition, and when they elect to get surgery. It can take 2-4 years for them to recover and then be eligible to deploy. On top of that, after surgery, they are at a higher risk of infection for the rest of their lives...which complicates any attempt at sending them to the field to train... where hygiene isn't always able to be pristinely managed overseas. An overseas deployment also puts the individual at risk because they may not have steady access to their hormone replacement drugs which leads to withdrawl and hormone imbalances, as well as health problems. So just like diabetics and cancer patients and individuals with physical or mental just isn't feasible to accommodate these people so they can serve in our military."

This is an issue that will bring on other issues...I believe. Years ago I heard a woman say that what the USA needed was a good war...that straightens out the economy. That's all nice...she had only daughters...and daughters could not be drafted. The Draft is gone...for now. With the Women's Lib movement firmly in place...that might change if the Draft is reinstituted.

Also consider the above from Facebook. This "safety issue" works both ways. It isn't fair for the diabetic to be left alone in a war zone...or any place...if he/she is going through a drop in insulin and they puke, pass-out, etc. Neither is it fair for the rest of the unit to have to stop advancing/retreating from an enemy (in a war zone) or any any site while the diabetic "stabilizes."

Remember the kiddies and our service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!!   MONA

senior scribes
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