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What To Do?!
By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! So - I read that the USA "slaps China" with sanctions. China "promises" 1,000 fold retaliation. The UN agrees to sanctions on North Korea. North Korea says: "There is no bigger mistake than the United States believing it's land is safe across the ocean."

People that I've listened to and spoken with are in a panic - some actually border paranoia. And paranoia is the very thing that will lead you into making unwise decisions. The intent of this column is to get you to slow down - think rationally - reason out your decisions and your eventual moves. Don't let this get as bad as 1999.

Remember 1999?? No one knew if the computers would roll over from 1999 to 2,000. It had never been anticipated. LCD or liquid crystal display on clocks, watches, computers, etc - was perfected by James Fergason. He was an associate director of the Liquid Crystal Institute of Kent State University....Kent, the way. December 14, 1970 saw Fergason receive a patent for his work.

1999 saw LCDs monitoring and controlling just about everything. How much chlorine (or other treatment chemicals) goes into our drinking water, temperatures of blast furnaces to melt glass, when the prescribed time has passed that you may push the button that will deliver more morphine into your iv, and a gazillion other instances - are all controlled and monitored by LCD....which counts the time. 1999 was a nail-biting time. And I've never known a more paranoia-ridden time.

LCD computers control natural gas output. I think it was in 1982 that we had a severe winter. Winds drove the temperature to a wind chill reading of -85 degrees and lower. Natural gas companies that delivered the gas directly into your home started pushing something (air, maybe?) through the line with the natural gas. The flame behind the glass rectangle-shaped panels on the old heating stoves burned yellow. I remember thinking that there was barely any heat.

In 1999, paranoia swept through the land. No one knew what would happen. Would the LCD turn to 2,000 from 1999? There was not a generator to be had "for love nor money." There was actually a 10 year waiting list to buy a new one. People stored up bottled water by the case (like you could not buy water from someone who had a well...but that's my opinion.) Seeing matches, lighters, crackers, canned meats and the like on grocery shelves was a rarity. I told people to save their money. They laughed.

I listened to a guy say he had a freezer full of meat - he was ready for Y2K. I asked him what would happen if there really would be no electricity...and it took a very long time to restore it. I told him to save the money. He walked away from me.

I told people to save their money. Seriously - if there was no electricity and cash register - would you take cash (put it in a cigar box) and sell what you could (no electric means no refrigeration)? Or - would you let it all go bad?

In 1999 - you were hard-pressed to find a gas can to buy. People were storing gas for their vehicles. Again - no electric - no gas pumps. (Couldn't you use a generator to produce the electricity to pump the gas out from the ground tanks?) I'm surprised there were no fires from the fumes when people found out that the LCD went from 1999 to 2,000 and they started pouring the gas through a funnel into the gas tank of their vehicle.

And it's all of this paranoia I'd like to help you avoid. If you're really worried about North Korea's threats or anyone else' something positive. Get off of as much debt as you can. Pay off your credit cards. Cut up the credit cards. Make a house or car payment every 25 days. Start learning to live without some things or as many of them. That way - if we are forced to "downsize" - it might not be as much of a shock or a problem.

Remember the kiddies and our service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!!! MONA

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