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Graphic Drug Activity
By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! For the faint of heart - you might want to stop reading here. "I'm bored. Let's get high. I want to really get high. Ok. The dealer gets called. The drugs arrive. They break out a needle. Everyone gets a "load." It's going to be ok now."

"The guy" hears a girl yell at another girl to get up - wake up - come on - don't do this. "The guy" makes his way back to where the commotion is. The girl is on the floor with a couple of other people performing cpr. (Remember they are all "high.") "The guy" joins in helping - slapping the girl's cheeks - rubbing her hands and feet. But she doesn't respond.

"The guy" called me the other day. His best friend is now dead. I asked him if he is going to quit "running the needle." He does not know.

"The guy" told me the rescue personnel determined that the girl had been unresponsive for awhile and he still does not know about quitting.

The probable scenario in my mind is: "The dealer is long gone. Everyone is high. A girl is on the floor - unresponsive. It was probably a horror flick come to life. Should we call the rescue squad? When should we call them? Did she just breathe? (Remember the others were performing cpr - that's chest compressions and air blown into the lungs. Air going into the lungs will come back out of the lungs - they're moving the chest with the compressions. Which is why you DO NOT do the compressions and blow air into the lungs at the same time.) How long do we administer cpr? How long have we been administering cpr? Finally the rescue squad gets called. And they arrive. The rescue personnel tell those in the house they believe the girl has been "unresponsive" for a while.

"The guy" calls me again. Someone has told the girl's Mother about the rescue squad's determination. (I know for a fact that when you submit a urine specimen for random testing, the first thing they do it "take it's temperature." Maybe that's how they determined that the girl had been unresponsive for a while.).The rescue squad's report is admissible as evidence in court. Now "the guy" thinks he might just quit "running the needle."

I know this girl's Dad. I've known him since 1980 or so. He's done a lot for our county. I've known the girl's Mom for 10 years - give or take. While I was writing this, another friend called me. A mutual friend of ours had a son who overdosed. He was Narcanned and is alive.

What are you supposed to say here? I wonder if they (heroin users) are all bored. Is it valid to say or even think that they fell in with the "wrong crowd?" I wonder how big the "wrong crowd" really is.

And - since Donald Trump has been our President, he has, among other things - signed an executive order to roll back much of the Dodd-Frank regulations of 2010. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a federal law that gives the government the power to regulate the financial industry. Under this act, banks are required to have "funeral plans" for a swift and orderly shutdown if they fail. This is one aspect. I cite this to show that President Trump is not afraid to use the "executive power."

President Trump spoke incessantly of "draining the swamp" during his campaign. What if the swamp is welfare? What if it's looking at how many times you've been "narcanned?" What if this is what determines the "swamp?" What if - by this criteria - you are determined to be "high-risk" (like dui's and auto insurance), are ineligible for help, and still have to carry health insurance? What if there's no help period because you have been "black-listed" due to the above?

I spoke with the Union City Police Department. There is a program that is Union City, Indiana's and Union City, Ohio has allied with them. The program is called "Police Hope Initiative Program." The 3-pronged message here is: Enforce - Educate - Treatment. They believe you can not arrest your way out of the drug problem. The combined police departments of Union City, Ohio/Union City, Indiana are extending amnesty to those addicted to the drugs and want to stop the cycle of sickness/pain/high/sickness/pain, etc. The amnesty is: you go to the police department, tell them you want to quit, hand over what you have - needles, drugs, etc. They will not arrest you and will call an "angel"  (someone who has been trained to work with the addicted.). The "angel" will take over and get you to a detox center so that your body can be rid of the drugs and you can make any following decisions with a clear mind and body. There is no cost for this. There are those who are ineligible for this. Anyone with an outstanding warrant may not use this avenue. And anyone stopped in a routine traffic situation can not use this resource.

The officer I spoke with told me the hardest part of all of the above is when he has to tell the parents or guardian that their child is dead....there is someone who loves these victims. In the scenario with the unresponsive girl -  the officer told me....just call 911 at the beginning. For more information on the program call 937-968-7744.

We - the world - have the technology to get statistical data - to get personal data. We have the capability to enforce decisions handed down by the President. We have the "executive order" being used. Still wondering if and/or when you should make that change and quit??

Remember the kiddies and our service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!!  MONA

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