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By Mona Lease

Hi, all!! This is all probably just me but - have you listened to the way people talk - the words they use in various settings? I hear people - usually guys - say they are going to take a p..s. The same guy will ask a dog if it has to potty. Why is there a difference?

The same person will take a p..s and his child will potty. When the same "pottying" child reaches say - 15 - that child may now take a p..s. What?!! Scratching my head, I wonder: "If we protect those littler than a young age or littler in stature (old dogs still potty); are we considering the drugs available to those who are allowed to say - in public - that they have to take a p..s? I've listened - no one seems to care about the aforementioned language.

And have you noticed this? You can't say a black person is black - it's wrong. It's racial. Whites have to be Caucasian. Blacks have to be called Afro-American. Red people are to be called Native Americans. (But there was...maybe still is... a club called the Redman's Club. You had to prove you were an eighth of some type of Indian blood...Cherokee, etc.). You get the idea with all of this so far - right?

But, we don't say: "My dog is Caucasian, Afro-American, or Native American." No one even seems to care if your dog is a mutt or a Heinz 57. So for the pets - who give us so much unconditional love - we don't have to be "explicit" about color? More head-scratching. It looks to me like you'd treat those with whom you deal daily - like you do the pets. Their (pets) needs are met - food...exercise...Dr...shelter.

Why is it such a "crime" - (and who started that idea?) to say that black woman surely can cook ribs? No one has anything bad to say to the white woman who bakes a really good apple pie. That's even been used to describe America..."That's as American as baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie." I don't hear anyone saying to take away this analogy to the USA.

I've been reading about the possibility of President Trump pardoning himself. WHAT?! Besides the fact that he surely would be biased toward himself - why would that thought be entertained? Why would anyone allow it to be printed in a publication they own or edit? What happened to pride and dignity?

And the following concerns me the most: The kiddies watch this stuff. They watch us give a barely concealed yawn to a news report that our President is considering pardoning himself. Whether Trump pardons himself or not is pretty immaterial - to me. A "seed" has been planted in the fertile ground of some young kids' minds. Perfect example: How many kiddies watched westerns or western sitcoms? How many then went outside and played cowboys and Indians...or cops and robbers? How many kiddies will try to "pardon" themselves? What kind of a distorted view does Trump pardoning himself give to jobs that hold power - or jobs that hold much power? (I take it that Trump wants to pardon some discretion he committed while he was "only a citizen/businessman" of the USA. Now that he has some "power"....he can wipe the slate clean. That might look pretty slick to a criminal...or a kiddie.). The kiddies (everyone really) watch what we adults do...and we handle everyday life.

Consider this: "People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs. They are addicted to escaping reality." - Buddhist Vision

I ask myself: "Of what, might this reality consist?"

Remember the kiddies and our service people. Take good care of the furry and feathered ones out there. Be safe and healthy. See ya next time. Ever Toodles!! MONA

senior scribes
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