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Along Life’s Way
What Did He Just Say?
By Lois E. Wilson
When I found a journal I had kept for the year 1964, I was reminded of Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” For as I read through it, there were quotes of our 6-year-old son, Kevin, who was in kindergarten that year. What children say is often apt, insightful, and funny. Here are a few of his comments:
After receiving the gift of a ukulele, he said, “I am going to play the dead song.” Translation: “Taps.”
During President Johnson’s State of the Union speech, seeing no reaction from the Congressmen seated behind Johnson, Kevin asked, “Are they dummies?”
He and his older brother, Keith, were playing with their pet turtles, when Kevin stated, “Mine is a female, that’s a girl, like Mother—so I’ll name her, Mrs. Wilson.”
One morning at a silent breakfast, he offered this solution, “It’s quiet in here—let’s turn on some hot jazz!”
After seeing a commercial, he told Keith, “You have midriff bulge.”
Sniffing the pizzas I was cooking, he commented, “The aroma is irresistible!”
Looking at a photo with his brother, he said, “I remember that picture.” His brother admonished, “You weren’t born yet.” Kevin answered, “I could see though.”
After finishing at the barbershop, he wore his baseball cap turned up and explained, “I don’t want to spoil my hairdo.”
His grandmother said, “Something told me to get you these toy bells.” Kevin said, “Maybe it was your conscience.”
Playing cards with the boys—Keith peeked at Kevin’s cards and read aloud the numbers, “9294364.” Kevin upset at this invasion of privacy replied, “That’s your phone number, I may call you sometime!”
Talking about his other Grandmother’s upcoming birthday, he showed his awareness, “I’ll just ask her twin brother, Uncle John, how old he is—then I’ll know how old she is. Then I won’t have to ask a woman her age, which isn’t nice.”
Don’t you wish the honesty and sensitivity of a child remained with us all our lives? I do!

senior scribes
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