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Mind, Body, Soul
Thinking Royal
By Mona Lease

Greetings, Gals!! I found the following pretty interesting. Actually - I'm going to incorporate a few of the "rules" into my life. Enjoy.

50 Rules Royalty Follows

1)When the Queen stands - you stand.
2)No one can eat after the Queen finishes her meal.
3)Bowing and curtsying are requirements.
4)Marriage comes with a new name.
5)PDAs (public displays of affection) are looked down upon, especially when traveling.
6)Approval is needed before a proposal.
7)A royal wedding request must contain myrtle.
8)Every royal wedding party must contain a crop of children.
9)Until 2011, the royal family was prohibited from marrying a Roman Catholic.
10)The royal family can't have political views.
11)The royal family can't run for office.
12)Monopoly is a forbidden game amongst the royal family.
13)Dinner conversations are formulated.
14)When a royal travels abroad, they are required to pack an all-black outfit.
15)Two heirs aren't allowed to travel together.
16)The royal family isn't allowed to sign autographs or take selfies.
17)The royal family can't eat shellfish.
18)You can't touch a royal.
19)Royals can't wear fur.
20)Event seating is very much planned.
21)There's an entire office dedicated to organizing guests.
22)The royal family must adhere to a strict dress code.
23)Even Prince George has a dress code.
24)Women must wear hats to all formal events.
25)After 6 pm hats are off and tiaras are on.
26)Tiaras are reserved for married women.
27)Tiaras must be angled properly.
28)The Queen's breakfast menu is non-negotiable.
29)The family must accept gifts.
30)The Queen insists upon a week to prepare for Christmas.
31)The royal family doesn't open presents on Christmas Day.
32)Garlic isn't allowed at Buckingham Palace.
33)Potatos, rice, and pasta aren't allowed in Buckingham Palace.
34)The royal family is expected to learn multiple languages.
35)A clean cut, put together image is key.
36)You can't turn your back on the Queen.
37)Even the children are expected to be graceful.
38)The Queen's wardrobe must be bright.
39)Women are expected to sit a certain way.
40)If the Queen moves her purse to her right arm, her staff must cut off her conversation.
41)When the Queen places her purse on the table - dinner is officially over.
42)Cleavage isn't a part of the royal dress code.
43)Nicknames are completely forbidden.
44)Utensil placement is very important.
45)Tea cup holding is important.
46)Chin placement is not overlooked.
47)The Queen isn't required to have a Driver's License.
48)The Queen's dogs are always prepared gourmet meals.
49)The dogs are never reprimanded.
50)Prince Phillip is required to walk behind the Queen.

Sometimes all you need is for someone to just be there, even if they can't solve your problems. Just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference.

The best is yet to be!! MONA

senior scribes
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