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Mind, Body, Soul
Maria's Lesson??
By Mona Lease

Greetings, Gals!! How are the exercises going for you? My problem with the Dead Man's Pose is that I end up dozing!

I've been listening to women talk lately. I'm actually stunned. All the talk about Trump - his threats (veiled/unveiled) to North Korea, Russia, etc...these women speak of their opposition to it all. Then they say: "I don't care what they do."

I've listened to reactions about how Hurricane Maria plays around in the Atlantic Ocean. She is seemingly in no real hurry. She has only lost a little strength - according to weather reports. I have to wonder: Is there a lesson here?

For the last 50 years I've listened to women talk (not that men don't...this is a women's column): "Cruella DeVille has been married so many times she's got rice dents. Pebbles Flintstone will never be a good Mother - she can't keep the bottle out of her mouth. As soon as Barney Rubble leaves for work - his wife Betty has her ex-husband over for morning coffee. Barney probably passes him when he leaves his driveway. Liz Claiborne's husband is a cheater. He's always uptown carousing with those "loose" women. If they all went to the Dr. together - they could get a group discount. I don't know why Mary,Queen of Scots doesn't divorce that loser, take the kids, get a job and have a good life. I think she loves the abuse."

Now that you've got the picture - take a deep breath. Is this how we got to the "I don't care what they do" mindset? While we (as women) were arguing the above women's lives - putting energy (mental and emotional) into "keeping score" - making sure our kiddies looked and acted like perfect little kiddies (with perfect grades) this how we grew too old...too do more than say we don't care?

I know women who worked two jobs, went to college, found no job for their college education, raised kids, planted/harvested a garden, bought a home....and then their health 55?!! Isn't that a tad too early? Isn't this where the last child graduates high school and you only have another 10 years until you retire?

With all of the divorcing...with all of the step-kiddies...with all of the half-sisters and half-brothers...with all of the my Mom/not my'd think I might be wrong with the rest of this column. But - I don't think I am wrong. With all of the child support owed...with all of the child support paid...with all of the child support upped...with all of the bad-mouthing of the parent that pays the child should the kiddies feel and act?

I heard...for myself...a guy tell his kiddies...of whom he had custody...he could buy them this or that...if their Mother would only pay the ordered child support. He told them she owed them xx-thousand dollars.

Here's why I do not think I am wrong: I know a young girl...she got with a guy...they got married...she got pregnant and had the baby. Her husband smacked her. The police were called. Hubby went to a live-in rehab for an extended period. The wife waited on him. They are together now. I think she does not want her daughter to grow up the way she did - always with the harping/cut-downs about her Mom.

I know a young man - same divorced parents violence from him. He is working through some bad situations with his young daughter's Mom.

These can not be the only two situations like this anywhere in the world. So - are a fork in the road here? Have we opened our minds to the idea that "having it all might not be worth the fight?" Are we being shown that "who's car is parked where" isn't really a many kiddies/young adults we have strung out on heroin/prescription drugs might be a fight we should consider? And - I wonder: Do the kiddies/young adults see what I just said? Do they see that we're fighting the wrong fight? Did they just throw up their hands and say forget it...they'll  (we adults at large) just listen to a neighbor ramble on about the young Mother who looks like she has too many "men friends?"

Sometimes all you need is for someone to just be there, even if they can't solve your problems. Just knowing there is someone who cares can make all the difference.

The best is yet to be!!      MONA

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