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Family Events... Violent video games leave their mark on moral reasoning
By Marybeth Hicks - Recently, I got a fancy new smart phone. As is typical, my children already knew how to use it before I even opened the box, but that’s a topic for another day. Before I could even read the package insert and learn how to charge the battery, my daughter had downloaded the game “Angry Birds” onto my phone and was on an advanced level. If you don’t know, “Angry Birds” is... read more
Capitalism in Government
Guest Column from State Representative Jim Buchy - At the age of 16, I began to peddle bologna for my family business.  In the summer my extra help was needed and I didn’t mind making the money.  It was a great lesson to save money and earn a living.  In 1956, more than 65% of the males 16 to 19 were holding down jobs.  Today, under 50% of males 16 to 19 are employed outside of the home... read more
Keith Faber’s Weekly Column... Senate Bill 5... Jobs: By the numbers
April 19, 2011 - Will Senate Bill 5 save any money?  This is the question I have been asked several times in the last few weeks.  Opponents of the bill have tried manipulating the truth, asserting that this bill has nothing to do with the budget.  Furthermore, in an effort to capitalize on the emotions of fear and uncertainty, they’ve deemed Senate Bill 5 as a political attack.  Neither claim is true.  Senate Bill 5 is not a political... read more
Greenville Levy: The Board’s Perspective, by Joe Payne, Board of Education
Very soon citizens living within the Greenville City School district will have an opportunity to show their support for our kids WITHOUT paying additional taxes.  On Election Day May 3rd a “Yes” vote is urged for the passage of the Greenville City Schools Operating Levy Renewal, a vote that will yield NO additional taxes. Here are the up-front facts concerning this very important vote... read more
Family Events... Do kids need a spiritual life? By Marybeth Hicks
Back in 2008, I wrote a parenting book called “Bringing Up Geeks,” in which I asserted a radical parenting philosophy: we ought to raise geeky children for success in life, and not for popularity in the seventh grade. (These goals generally are mutually exclusive). Among the reviews I received was one by a blogger who liked my premise, my acronym for “GEEKs” — Genuine, Enthusiastic, Empowered Kids... read more
Representative Richard Adams... Eliminating Government Waste and Fraud
As Ohio’s government tries to balance the state budget, all eyes are on public spending practices. Ohioans are scrutinizing the way state government is allocating the tax dollars they provide, and rightly so. It is the government’s job to operate in an economical manner beneficial to the public. Our families and communities want to ensure that their tax money is being used as effectively as possible... read more
The Ghoulbus, By Bethany J. Royer - The Mother of the Munchkins
The munchkins and I were standing at the corner one fine school morning when the most ancient of buses pulled up alongside of us. Really, it was so old the windows were dusty, a couple of moths hovered over a back seat and there were cobwebs galore between and under every seat. (Okay, so the latter was imagined, but still...) A mental picture quickly followed of one Ms. Wee Emma... read more
State Senators Announce Recall Legislation, By Bob Rhoades
Two Democratic senators one from Cleveland and the other from Youngstown have introduced legislation that would allow recall of, among others, State Legislators and the Governor according to  This comes on the heels of the passage of Senate Bill 5 which the governor says will give local politicians tools to help govern.  The two congressmen say that this is just another... read more
Family Events... Resist the “tweening” of America, By Marybeth Hicks
Every so often, my friend Jen posts a link on her Facebook page that I’m sure is intended to get a rise out of me. All she has to do is direct me to a news story about tweens. Once, she found an article about the trend among tween girls to have professional hair treatments such as highlights, lowlights, chemical straighteners and permanent curls. Unlike the home treatments we may have had our... read more
From Kasich for Ohio Blog... Emma and Reese Kasich: Student Art Exhibit and Civil War Reenactment - See also Kasich’s Week in Review - April 11, 2011 - First Lady Karen Kasich and daughters, Emma and Reese were proud to have been a part of the Governor’s Student Art Exhibit Ceremony and to visit the Ohio Statehouse Civil War commemoration event this past weekend. Emma... read more
Here we go again!, By Bob Rhoades
Back in 2006 some well-meaning people got together and proposed that a referendum be put on the ballot asking that smoking be banned from commercial establishments, including bars, taverns and restaurants.  The petitions were drawn up and passed around and with the needed signatures being acquired it was placed on the ballot in a general election.  This folks is an exercise of the basic rights... read more
Family Events... A threat to civilization as we know it, By Marybeth Hicks
They’re everywhere and you simply cannot escape them. They follow you to church on Sundays. They sit behind you on airplanes, in restaurants, even in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. They disrupt family reunions and afternoons at the park. They’re the unwelcome but ever-present subtext to countless moments of irritation and unpleasantness. And now that it’s spring break, they’re out... read more
Guest Column from State Rep. Jim Buchy... SB 5 Becomes Law—What is in the Bill?
The contentious Senate Bill 5 was signed into law by Governor Kasich on Thursday, March, 31st.   As a legislator for 18 years prior to this current term I can attest, never before have I seen a bill with so much controversy, yet so much time spent ensuring it is the best possible piece of legislation.  The changes made to Senate Bill 5 from introduction to law were extensive, mostly because... read more
War is Hell, By Bob Rhoades
We’ve heard that war is hell many times.  It’s been hell on earth for a lot of people since time began and the first argument was had between two people.  Many people don’t stop to think how many lives are affected and how long they are affected from what happens in war. Today is April 6th and 66 years ago today my dad, 1st LT. Eugene F. Rhoades found out about war being hell... read more
Okay, Kasich, you win! By Bob Rhoades
I have read just about everything that I can read about SB 5. It didn’t make any sense in the beginning and the only thing that makes any sense now is that local political subdivisions may have gained some things that before they had to negotiate for. OK, I’ll give you that.  I’ll also be watching very closely to see how this helps to fix everything.  I’ll take Mr. Buchy’s explanation at face value and then hide and watch... read more
Responding to Faber’s Explanation, By Bob Rhoades
On Sunday, in County News Online, Sen. Keith Faber gave his explanation of why SB 5 was a good thing.  I’m not sure that he’s right so we’ll see if there is a counter point. In the first paragraph he says that many of us contacted his office to express our opinions and our opinions were noted and he welcomed the many constructive suggestions.  S B 5 is needed for the several political... read more
Family Events... Manhattan mom needs a reality check, By Marybeth Hicks
Did you hear about the New York City mother who’s suing her child’s preschool because she believes the teachers there didn’t prepare her daughter for admission to an Ivy League university? I couldn’t make this up. It’s true. Nicole Imprescia filed a lawsuit against Manhattan’s York Avenue Preschool for a refund of the $19,000 per year she paid in tuition. She claims the preschool didn’t... read more
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